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Welcome to Sammy's page

Welcome to my site!Here you can read all about me,my life and my humans.I have listed my hunting score and there are some picture's of me.There's some poetry for you to read and links for you to follow

I was born sometime in October 1995 on a farm and brought to this house when i
was very young.For a while i was alone till another cat came.His name was Joey
and we couldn't really get along.Later it was a little better,but we never be-
came friends.Then,finally,Joey left and I was alone again.Things changed again
when my human got a new friend in June 1999,which later became something humans
call a "wife".This year my life got turned upside down again when yet another
black cat came to intrude my territory.Offcourse things didn't went well.There
was a lot of hissing(on my part) and a lot of being ignored(on the other cats
part).This continued for a couple of days till i got my point across and the
other cat was brought back.
Now i am alone again and probably will be for the rest of my life.

THIS IS MY HUNTING SCORE(as of january 12th 2002)


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