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The Last Breath

This is the exit of The Charnel House:follow the links,but come back soon!

The Weather in Hell

Borrowed time: Death poetry,quotations,songlyrics and links
The city of the silent: information about cemeteries and related things
Writ in water: photographs of famous graves
Dicks Death & Dying Page: death on the net
The Deathclock: see when you change the temporary for the eternal
Find a grave: exactly what it says
The Political Graveyard: if you think the only good politician is a dead one, go here,if not,go here too
dead people server: find out which celebs are still around and which have died a humourous look at death,burials and cremations
the celebrity morgue: pictures of death celebs
The Boneroom: buy bones and skulls from animals and humans
You're outta here: a good obituary page
Dark and gruesome links: links dark and gruesome
flirting with death:
The Internet Crime Archives: good serial killers info
Kearl's death index: Sociology of death and dying
The Tombstone Tourist: Final resting places and shrines of musicians,actors,artists and authors
The page of the dead: cemeteryphotography with descriptions
Braincandy: gravestone quotes

Morty the Death's Head

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